What is a Macro Operator?

In the military world of special operations, the “Operator” is the professional that is unparalleled in skill, unrelenting in focus, and unstoppable in his pursuit of targets. It’s these traits that our team at Macro Ops apply to markets.

As Macro Operators, we aim to allocate our money like a well-seasoned special operations unit, striking with extreme prejudice and machine-like detachment in pursuit of our objectives. Our aim, like that of any Operator, is total, unquestionable dominance over our competition — we will stop at nothing short of this.

What is your trading strategy?

You can call us global macro traders, but in reality we are unconstrained in both our approach and where we deploy our capital.

Our style involves using what works and discarding what doesn’t. We’re as much students of Druckenmiller, Soros, and Livermore as we are of Buffet, Graham, and Klarman.

Stocks, futures, bonds, currencies, either foreign or domestic… a trade is a trade in our eyes and the only qualifying element is massive positive asymmetry.

We employ technical analysis and quant studies as frequently as deep value and growth… macro as much as micro…

The only consistent unifying aspect of our trading strategy is an ardent focus on capital preservation and risk management.

We use this flexible multi-tool approach because there are different optimal tools for different environments and situations. A trader who limits himself to a single approach in markets is akin to a warrior choosing to carry only one type of weapon on a long campaign where he’ll fight in many disparate battles — doesn’t make sense, does it?

What does Macro Ops offer exactly?

Research (both macro and micro), high level instruction, and a tight-knit community of traders from around the world, all looking to master the art of speculation.

Our goal is to maintain a site that is unequaled in its research and unmatched in its discussions and instructional materials on advanced trading topics and theory.

The majority of trading sites out there are total garbage. They’re filled with sellers of snake oil and “Secret X” indicators that come with promises of easy riches. The few legitimate sites mostly just scratch the surface of this complex game. We intend to drill deep, develop a more nuanced understanding of how the world works, and collectively evolve into superior speculators.

Who are you guys?

We come from a variety of different backgrounds including military intelligence, family office fund management, and corporate economics. We eventually found ourselves all working at the same hedge fund and decided to leave to form Macro Ops. You can learn more about the team here.

Why do you share your information?

Three reasons:

  1. The best way to learn is to teach
  2. The immense benefits that arise from creating a global network of skilled traders
  3. Financial incentives

Docendo discimus is a latin proverb meaning “by teaching, we learn”. There’s much truth in this. We’ve found that the process of breaking down and communicating complex subjects into simple and easily understandable terms forces us to clarify our own thinking. This in turn strengthens our understanding.

Even more importantly, we do not and won’t ever have all the answers. We’ll be studying this game and learning until the day we die. We learn as much from the members of our collective as they do from us.

The traders in our group are distributed all across the world. We have members in every major region. By giving them the mental-models and the tools we use to assess markets, we’re essentially expanding our field of view of the investment landscape… allowing us to scope out and evaluate more targets… and produce greater profits through a collective and coordinated effort.

Finally, we believe the old 2 and 20 model of running a hedge fund is going the way of the dinosaurs. Changes in technology and information trends are cutting active management fees while at the same time, the compliance and regulation costs of running a fund are going up. Macro Ops will help us cover the cost of running our fund in this new environment. Things like data are expensive. With the site we can distribute the costs (as well as the benefits) of everything required to run a successful hedge fund.  

How can I learn more?

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