Episode 31: ETFs, Deep Value and Lessons From Podcasting w/ Tobias Carlisle, Acquirer’s Funds


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We’re stoked to bring you this week’s guest: Tobias Carlisle. Tobias is a Renaissance man in the investing community. He’s written four books, captains two podcasts and runs two ETFs. Along with that he’s a husband and a father to a beautiful family.

Tobias is usually on the other end of these interviews.

We chat about ETFs, daily routines, Berkshire Hathaway, asking better questions and more!

Here’s the show outline:

  • [2:12] Tobias’ Daily Routine
  • [4:01] The ZIG ETF
  • [9:21] Accounting For Negative FCF
  • [13:06] Trusting The Process During Uncertainty
  • [16:02] Hertz $HTZ
  • [18:22] CNBC and Buying Mentality
  • [22:07] Randomness in Investing
  • [24:05] Why Tobi Started an ETF
  • [31:19] That Time Tobi Toured Google
  • [39:35] Don’t Watch The Market
  • [40:31] What is Tobias’ Edge?
  • [45:41] Developing a Mental Edge
  • [50:28] Tobi’s Mt. Rushmore of Podcast Guests
  • [54:40] The Trouble w/ Paying For Growth
  • [59:51] Closing Questions

If you want to check out Tobi’s book, click the links below:

Also, check out Tobias on Twitter (here) and his website (here).

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