Episode 25: How To Create Your Own Float w/ Kirk Du Plessis, OptionAlpha


Can’t believe we’ve made it 25 episodes!

We couldn’t have done it without our AMAZING followers and guests. I know everyone likes to say that, but it’s true. You, our listeners don’t download episodes to hear my endless drivel. And you, our guests, don’t come on the show without knowing your voice will be heard.

We’re creating a tremendous flywheel and we’re just getting started!

This week we feature our conversation with Kirk Du Plessis, founder of OptionAlpha.com.

Kirk started OptionAlpha.com as a personal blog to track his option trading education. From there, he’s turned the site into the resource for options education. OptionAlpha has over 200K email subscribers and they’re doing really cool things in the coming years (which we talk about).

Our conversation covers all things options, personal life, successes, struggles and finding what works for you.

Here’s the outline:

[1:54] Who is Kirk Du Plessis

[5:30] What Kirk Learned From His Days as a REIT Analyst

[10:32] Kirk’s First Taste of Options Trading

[15:30] How Kirk Started OptionAlpha.com

[16:35] Screw Emails, Just Make Some Content

[21:00] How Kirk’s Strategy Has Changed Over The Years

[30:46] Getting Into The Nitty Gritty of Options Trading

[31:21] The Biggest Misconceptions About Options Trading

[38:39] What COVID Has Done To The Options Market

[49:00] Don’t Fight The Losses

[53:20] Using Options To Create Insurance Float

[58:00] Soup-to-Nuts Example of Creating Float

[74:00] Finding Your Sweet Spot

[79:00] Integrating OptionAlpha with Brokers

[87:00] How To Automate Options Trading

[96:00] Closing Questions

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