Episode 19: What I Learned From Over 600 Blog Posts, The Science of Hitting


Episode 19 is here! I’m excited to bring y’all my conversation with Alex (aka, The Science of Hitting). Alex is a both a writer and investor. When he’s not thinking about which businesses to buy, he’s writing about them on GuruFocus.

Alex has over 600 blog posts on GuruFocus to date, a feat few others can claim. I’ve enjoyed Alex’s content for years and getting the chance to chat with him about investing was a blast.

Here’s what we cover:

  • [0:00 – 6:00] Introduction
  • [7:00 – 14:00] Quality vs. Price
  • [15:00 – 23:00] TSOH’s Investment Process (Soup to nuts)
  • [24:00 – 40:00] Can you pay too much for a quality business?
  • [42:00 – 57:00] Lessons Learned From 600+ Blog Posts
  • [60:07 – 70:00] Charles Schwab (SCHW) and Match (MTCH)
  • [71:00 – end] Short-term volatility and closing questions

I had a blast recording this podcast. I learned a ton and I know you will too.

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