Chris Barto: Mitek Systems $MITK, Swing Trading, & Fiducia Invest


This week we’re stoked to have Chris Barto join The Hive. Chris is a former investment analyst at a boutique RIA in Pittsburgh and current founder of Fiducia Investment Research LLC. Chris runs a concentrated, transparent, and in-depth research service covering high-quality businesses with durable competitive advantages. The site is perfect for people who are interested in learning about different businesses, read market commentary, as well as develop a place to interact with other investors who are willing to put in the time to read and learn.

During our hour-long chat, Chris and I discuss the absence of valuation in today’s investing framework, how Chris developed his own investment philosophy, an overview of Mitek Systems $MITK, and his short-term options swing trading system.

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Here is the time stamp:

  • 3:12 – Working At Boutique RIA Firm
  • 13:34 – Making The Decision To Start Fiducia Invest
  • 26:40 – Bad Investment Idea: $CSCO
  • 37:09 – Mitek Systems $MITK
  • 43:28 – Options Swing-Trading Strategy
  • 50:36 – Just Doing Shorter-Term Trading
  • 56:09 – Long-term Vision For Fiducia Investment Research LLC
  • 58:37 – Closing Questions

If you liked what you heard and what to learn more about Chris and his service, check him out on Twitter @FiduciaInvest and his website

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