Harris Perlman: Finding Hidden Treasure w/ @OtterMarket

We’re stoked to have Harris Perlman join The Hive this week. Harris is a full-time investor specializing in micro-cap/nano-cap stocks all across the globe. If it’s tiny, obscure, off-the-beaten-path, and with a bit of hair, odds are Harris has studied it. To get an idea of who he is, know this. Harris has gone from […]

Robert Mulcahy: Tiny Stocks, Lemonade $LMND, and Letting Winners Run

This week is all about the micro-cap space and we have Robert Mulcahy or the @tinystockninja on Twitter. We covered a variety of topics ranging from how Robert started his investing journey, identifying mistakes and how to correct them, how he manages his portfolio and allocates capital, his view, as former insurance professional, on the $LMND AI […]

David Kaye: The Business of Video Game Development

This week we had a fantastic conversation with David Kaye, the president and co-founder of Snapshot Games. We talked about a variety of different topics such as David’s first video game company, how different types of video games companies will allocate capital, how NFTs could be used in the video game industry, Unity vs. Epic Games, […]

Chris Barto: Mitek Systems $MITK, Swing Trading, & Fiducia Invest

This week we’re stoked to have Chris Barto join The Hive. Chris is a former investment analyst at a boutique RIA in Pittsburgh and current founder of Fiducia Investment Research LLC. Chris runs a concentrated, transparent, and in-depth research service covering high-quality businesses with durable competitive advantages. The site is perfect for people who are […]

@the10thman1: Carvana $CVNA Deep Dive

Today’s episode we had a conversation with the anonymous twitter account @the10thman1 about his exceptional Carvana’s bull thesis. We covered everything that an investor needs to know about Carvana, whether it is Carvana’s history, the used car industry, Carvana’s Competitive advantages, what Carvana needs to improve in order to succeed, the bear thesis against Carvana […]

Utako Kojima & Aya Weissman: Special Situation Investing In Japan

For this week’s episode is all about Japan and luckily we had Aya Weissman and Utako Kojima from Horizon Kinetics to help us understand why Japan might be an interesting place to look for businesses. They explain why Japanese Corporate Culture is changing to a more shareholder friendly culture, what are the main differences between […]

Thomas Bachrach: Kaspi.kz $KSPI, Allegiance Coal $AHQ, & Exotic Ideas

This week we have another returning guest, Thomas Bachrach! Thomas Bachrach is PFH Capital’s Principal and an OG Value Hive guest! He focuses on esoteric, off-the-beaten-path micro-cap companies, and on this episode, he shares two of his latest investments: Kaspi ($KSPI), a Kazakhstan fin-tech business, and Allegiance Coal ($AHQ.ASX), an Australian Coal Company. He also […]

James Davolos: The Best Businesses To Own During Inflation

Let’s talk about the 4.2% elephant in the room, that’s right! This week is all about inflation and luckily we had the privilege to talk to James Davolos, Portfolio Manager at Horizon Kinetics, to help us understand inflation at a deep level. We talked about what is the CPI and how it is measured, the effect that […]

Myles Danielsen: An Inside Look at Institutional Allocators

  Myles Danielsen joins the Hive this week to chat all things Institutional Investment Allocation. According to his firm’s website, Myles is a Principal at Hall Capital Partners LLC in the Public Equity group, responsible for research, identification, due diligence, and monitoring of long-only public equity investments and long-short equity hedge funds. In addition to […]

Kyler Hasson: Buying Quality Compounders At A Fair Price

  This week I chat with Kyler Hasson, investment manager and founder of ConcentratedCapital.com. Kyler loves buying great businesses that can compound invested capital over long periods of time. In other words, he’s a Compounder Bro. Kyler didn’t follow the “normal” investor path, if there is one. He started dabbling in investing at age 18 and […]