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What You Get:
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1. How to Conduct Your First Proper Backtest
You'll get the exact spreadsheet template I use to create my own systems so you can follow along and do the same. 
Learn how to conduct a proper backtest with the 30-30-30 method and avoid all the common mistakes.
Deploy the sneaky, almost dirty tactic you can use to build profitable trading systems without having to learn to code.
2. How to Backtest Different Market Regimes

You’ll learn how to exploit the 3 main market regimes so you’ll have a profitable trading system no matter the market conditions. 

Identify and backtest the 3 main market regimes

Spot appropriate setups for those regimes

Determine the ideal management parameters including risk points, profit targets, and pyramid points

3. From Backtest To Live Trading
Backtesting is important, but it’s only the first step. Going live with your own money means you must be able to execute your system in real-time.
Practice paper trading your system in real-time

Identify weaknesses without risking your real money

Monitor your performance and create a plan to go live
Go live with small amounts and then scale up
You'll Also Get 3 Consistently Profitable Trading Systems!

I have included 3 pre-made, professional-level systems that you can use to get started! 

1. Failed Breakout System

The Failed Breakout System is a high win rate system that profits from mean-reverting markets. 

Identify weaknesses without risking your real money

Identify failed breakouts and discover how to enter them

Deploy an exit strategy to maximize profits

2. Hammer & Star System

The Hammer & Star System takes advantage of other investors’ psychology to gain an edge and profit. 

Learn price action techniques that reveal other traders’ mistakes in the market

Identify profitable reversal setups

Profit from market panics by fading other traders’ moves

3. Volatility Breakout System
The Volatility Breakout System predicts when the market is prepping for a massive run.
Read volatility signals to spot and enter huge trends before they start

Learn how to effectively pyramid your positions to juice your returns

Determine when the market is transitioning so you can exit with optimal profits
Get Access To Me (Chris)

I’ll be here to answer your questions so you can learn my backtesting method correctly! 

You'll Also Get 3 Consistently Profitable Trading Systems!

I have included 3 pre-made, professional-level systems that you can use to get started! 

A few nice words from Chris' Students:
"Do exactly as this guy says and just maybe you’ll be able to make a career trading. Chris is extremely generous with his time and always willing to answer any questions. He also tells you how it really is, no BS, which can be unpleasant, but his years in the markets has afforded him the ability to pass sage advice. I highly recommend Chris’ course."
Ethan F
"Chris’ backtesting course provided me the framework to be able to identify and build my own tradeable system. Prior to taking this course I had spent thousands of hours reading books, going to conferences, and watching videos, but none of it provided me any empirical system that I could trade. After taking this course I now know how to go from idea, to testing, to refining, to paper trading, to live trading."
Ryan K
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