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Market SitRep – Buying Spree

This episode of the Market Sitrep kicks off with a look at the ECB’s corporate bond buying program — an unprecedented central bank intervention that will hurt more than it will help. Next we take a look at Belgian equities which broke out to new highs and explain why the breakout is probably a false move. We finish […]

Karen “The Supertrader” Goes Rogue

Famed Tastytrade icon Karen “The Supertrader” has gone rogue. On May 31, 2016 the SEC filed a complaint against Karen and her investment advisory Hope Advisors LLC. For those who don’t know, Karen achieved widespread recognition through the Tastytrade financial network. Tastytrade focuses on option selling and Karen in particular sells strangles on stock indices, […]

Market SitRep – Reach For Yield

In this week’s Market Sitrep – Reach For Yield we start off with examining the high-yield energy space. We focus in on David Tepper’s big bets in Williams Partners and Energy Transfer Partners. Next we discuss what bond duration means and its implications going forward. We take a look at an interactive bond calculator that shows changes […]

Market SitRep – Max Dissonance

This week’s Market SitRep – Max Dissonance begins with a discussion of the “risk on, risk off” phenomenon where both defensive and offensive assets are catching a bid. We then take a hard look at long term equity valuations and explain why holding dry powder is more important than ever before. A pdf of the presentation […]

Could We Experience Another ’90s-Style Bull Run?

The recent bullish action in the markets makes it fitting that we play devil’s advocate – something we at Macro Ops refer to as “Red Teaming.” We’ve been bearish when it comes to the overall markets for about a year now. And we still believe the bearish hypothesis is the most probable outcome. But the […]


What We Can Learn From The Masters

Everytime I watch golf I can’t help but think of how many similarities there are between successful investing and championship level performance on the golf course. Anyone who’s attempted a round of 18 holes knows how difficult golf can be. The game is a ruthless fight between you and the course. You’re constantly engaged in […]

Market SitRep – Reflation Redux

This episode of the Market SitRep — Reflation Redux starts off with a discussion of China’s addiction to credit expansion and debt. We also touch on the crude oil market and explain why we think the “reflation” trade is nothing more than a short-term hope jag. Finally we cover quant/technical analysis of the S&P 500. A PDF of the slide show can […]


Bill Ackman Could Learn A Thing Or Two From Technicians

Taking concentrated fundamental bets is no different than playing craps in Vegas. By now you’ve heard about Bill Ackman and his white whale — Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX). In 2015, Valeant plummeted and Ackman’s fund was down 20.5%. His misfortune continued into 2016, with his fund losing another 26% year-to-date after Valeant’s latest drop. Valeant’s share […]

Market SitRep – Pushing On A String

This episode of the Market SitRep — Pushing On A String — reveals how we’ve exited the era of central bank dominance. The “all powerful” policies put in place have stopped working and central banks around the world have lost control over the markets. After we hate on central banking for a bit, we touch […]

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The Problem With Oil ETFs

By now, even those who don’t watch the markets have noticed the epic 75% fall in crude oil. It’s pretty hard to miss given that gas prices’ now start with the number 1, instead of 2 or 4. And most of us are happy about the extra hundred bucks or so to spend each month. […]