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    Your research is outstanding! I feel like I’ve taken the red pill of investing. Pretty excited to see how far the rabbit hole goes...”

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    The Collective is hands down the best resource on the web for serious traders and investors…

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    “I suppose the fact that I bought a Lifetime sub after trialing the Collective for just 2-months, says it all. One of the best investments I’ve ever made…”

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    We subscribe to a range of research publications… Macro Ops is head and shoulders above the rest. And it’s a fraction of the cost! Alex’s weekly note is a must-read in our shop…”

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    “I’m a portfolio manager with over 20 years of experience. I’ve read a lot of commentary in that time… but yours is about the best I’ve seen. I learn something new all the time…”

The Macro Ops Difference

This isn’t your Grandfather’s newsletter… In fact, this isn’t even a newsletter. So then what is Macro Ops? Glad you asked… MO is a service that exists to help make you a calculating, ruthlessly efficient, and consistently profitable investor in markets. To do this, we provide institutional-grade research, unparalleled training and tools, and the world’s best community of dedicated traders and investors.

You can think of us as the Seal Team of investing research. We trade real money, track and share our verified results in real-time, and provide you with everything you need to consistently win… and win BIG. Members of our “Collective” (that’s what our premium service is called) include legendary big-name investors, up and coming hedge fund managers, and die-hard retail traders of all stripes. The one common denominator we all share is a deep love and respect for the game of markets.

Whether your a fundamental value investor, a systematic FX trader, or an intra-day player, MO is the home for you. We run multiple strategies covering numerous timeframes with their basis in different styles. Our bread and butter is what we call the “Trifecta Approach” (all members learn exactly what that is and how to employ it). This is a strategy that employs the most effective tools from the various methods (from deep value investing to technical tape reading) and stacks conditional edges, upon edges, upon edges, upon… you get the point.

Stop wasting your time with financial “newsletters” that spin fancy tells, spout high conviction nonsense, and leave your pockets a little lighter. Join our group and attack markets with the power of your own highly-skilled research team at your back. 


To be extraordinary you have to be nonconformist. At MO, we Play The Player and not the market… Get our free 27-page Play The Player report here to find out what that means and how it can make you money

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Process trumps research. And at MO we have a differentiated approach to trading and investing. To learn our process, watch this free 90-minute training that shows you how to fade the masses, avoid the crashes, and catch the big trends

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Our premium service for serious traders and investors looking to cut out the noise, learn to become consistently profitable, and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.
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Sample Research


Effective Contrarianism: Identify popular narratives, scour global markets, hone in on wide narrative v. reality mispricings, place asymmetric bets… wash, rinse, repeat.


When a bearish consensus collides with a bullish secular regime shift, you get a massive mispricing and an incredible asymmetric opportunity… read more

2020 was a year that wrecked many investors. Here’s the weekly note we sent out on Feb 25th (timestamped before the crash) explaining why we flattened our long book and buying bonds… read more

How do you know when you should buy or sell the dip? The Trifecta Lens is our quantitative answer to one of the market’s most difficult challenges… read more

Our Clients

A Long History of Accurate Market Calls

  • A Golden Opportunity

    In mid-March 2019, we developed high conviction that a bull market in precious metals was coming. We had a confluence of factors lining up, checking all of our boxes, in what is really the sweet spot for our approach to markets. On March 26th, we publicly and privately alerted readers that now was the time to back up the truck on gold. The new bull market officially kicked off a few weeks later…

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    golden oportunity
  • A BIG Move in Bitcoin is Brewing

    In July 2020, we noticed that long-term volatility had become extremely compressed in Bitcoin. Historically, this is a sign that bitcoin is about to embark on a large trend.

    Retail sentiment was bearish if not completely disinterested. While we knew institutions were slowly coming around to adopting bitcoin as an asset…

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  • A Market Crash is Coming…

    In late January of 2020, we began notifying clients that due to extreme sentiment and positioning levels in risk assets, the trend fragility in markets had reached record levels. We began taking profits and cutting our risk. In late February our Trifecta Lens gave a glaring Sell Signal which was then confirmed by the tape. We flattened our entire long equity book, went 200% leveraged long bonds, and shorted Boeing (BA)…

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    A Market Crash is Coming
  • A Deep Value Small-Cap Ammo Maker

    We published our bullish report on Ammo Inc, (POWW) on May 7th, 2020 when the stock was trading for $1.55. It’s now north of $3.50 and we believe it’ll trade upwards of $8 by the end of 2021.

    Ammo, Inc. (POWW) is a fast-growing ammunition maker designing innovative products in a commoditized industry…

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    ammo inc
  • A Canadian Small-cap That’s Up 392% in less than 9-months

    We published our bullish report on Versus Systems on June 14th, 2020. VS was an under-the-radar digital ad company serving in a lucrative and growing niche area of the advertising market. The company’s management had significant skin in the game and its great financials were obscured by some temporary accounting issues…

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    versus system
  • A Polish Tech Stock that 3x’d after our Buy recommendation

    We published our report on LVC in October of 2019 when the stock was trading under $35 a share. LVC was an under-the-radar Polish tech company with software that was being used around the world and which offered some key advantages compared to its competitors.

    It was trading at a huge discount to its intrinsic value and relative to its peers, while its balance sheet and growth prospects suggested it should trade at a premium to comps…

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99% of financial commentary is noise. Speculative filler made by people who get paid to spin stories but don’t suffer the consequences of their calls (ie, No Skin In The Game). At MO we put our money where our mouth is and eat our own cooking… 

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