Episode 5 with Darren Fong: Everything You Need To Know About Canadian Small-Cap Investing

In today’s episode I chat with Darren Fong. Darren is a portfolio manager at Calgary-based Investment firm Acumen Capital. Since the Fund’s inception (March, 11 2016), Darren’s outperformed the TSX Small Cap Index by nearly 600bps annually. Darren dives into the nuances of investing in Canadian small-cap companies. Differences in Canadian management teams and how […]

Episode 4 with Callum Laing: Business, Brands and Creating a Legacy

Callum Laing joins the Value Hive podcast for what is the most eclectic interview to date. Callum chats about private investing, partnerships, learning from mistakes and investment philosophy. He also revealed how he took down all of Italy’s internet in one fell swoop, and how he created one of the most enviable networks in all […]

Episode 3 with Thomas Bachrach: Fishing Where They Ain’t (Global Micro-Cap Investing)

Thomas Bachrach is Principal of PFH Capital. PFH is a one-man investment fund focused on global, micro-cap investing. Thomas isn’t afraid to go where others won’t. He scours the corners of the globe to find interesting, off-the-beaten path securities. In this episode, Thomas discusses his investment process, where he’s finding value in the global markets, […]

Episode 2 with Andrew Walker: Sports Rights, Media Investments and Cookies

Andrew Walker is co-founder of Rangeley Capital and founder/writer of Yet Another Value Blog. In this episode, Andrew and I discuss media investments, review his media guide blog posts (here’s parts 1, 2 and 3) and highlight specific ways to play the coming un-bundling phenomenon. Andrew is a media investment savant. This is a must listen for anyone interested […]

A Value Investor’s Guide To Stoicism

You don’t need Stoicism to be a value investor. In the same way you don’t need a killer step-back jump shot to play basketball. Yet if you want to excel as a value investor, you must embrace a form of this ancient philosophical practice. Think about it. Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, Michael Burry. They all […]